First clean your colon

  • (you do not gain if you throw everything in dirty river).

    We have found by endoscopic examinations of colon that many patients have some food scum and crud remaining in the fold of colon or bowel wall though they have a normal bowel movement. These cruds rot and produce toxin at the temperature of 36.5℃, and those poisonous substances get absorbed into all over the body. Most important is to get rid of these cruds before they rot inside your colon.

  • Detoxication

  • What is your concern?

    * acne and dry skin
    * bad breath and body odor
    * stiff shoulders and weariness
    * being overweight
    * tendency to suffer from constipation or diarrhea
    * tendency to suffer from gas in bowel
    * fart and feces with unpleasant smell
    * Allergies